Riviera Ambulance Service

Registered member of NAPAS (National Assoc of Private Ambulance Services) since 1993

Regulated by the CQC Care Quality Commission | CQC Provider ID 1-2179811954

The caring ambulance service dedicated to adding that personal touch to meet the needs of all patients

The English Riviera’s private ambulance service since 1993, specialising in NHS and private sector mental health transfers and private sector general transfer journeys throughout the United kingdom. Also in collaboration with a specialist European transfer ambulance service based in Kent, we can offer continental transfers.

Based on the English Riviera in Devon. We specialise in nationwide journeys both taking from and repatriating back and to the whole West Country as well as locally throughout Devon, and Cornwall and Somerset.

Journeys are tailored to the individual requirements of each patient, family and hospital wards, however short or long the journey. Now into our third decade of providing high quality care we continue to develop our expertise to ensure that all clients receive the best care available.


Our ambulances are custom built with specialist interiors designed for mental health sector patients as well as the facility to convert to conventional ambulances with a stretcher trolley.


Patient/client needs for refreshment are catered for, cool boxes are provided to ensure food & drink stays fresh during journeys, security considerations and client support are catered for with all the ambulance facilities and equipment expected in a modern ambulance provided for monitoring and treatment.

Whether the journey is from a psychiatric hospital ward, a 136 place of safety facility, police custody centres, A&E Depts or private addresses. all patient documents, section papers, H4 form, authority to transfer forms, notes and records are carried in sealed envelopes, appropriately stored for the journey, as is the client’s luggage and belongings.

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Our ambulance staff are extremely experienced with long service in the public sector/NHS prior to joining Riviera Ambulance. Staff grades up to Paramedic level are provided, with a nurse practitioner  possibly available if requested in addition to the ambulance crew.

All our drivers have extensive emergency driving experience thus offering safe and comfortablejourneys, whatever the type of journey may be.


Standard ambulance journey discussions take place when bookings are made, with an experienced manager in our control office, these cover  the risk assessment, individual care needs and expectations, special needs, mobility, journey length consequences and  toileting, all of which go to determining the crew mix selected.

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We undertake requested journeys to and from all psychiatric hospitals, general hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, many of whom have a long association with our service, over many years preferential use. Examples: Newcastle, Bradford, Harrowgate, Doncaster, Birmingham, Northampton, Stevenage, London, Southampton, Weston Super Mare, Exeter, Barnstaple, Bodmin, Redruth and Truro.

We also specialise in transfers from west country NHS mental health hospitals to airports for departures to the continent and meeting repatriated patients arriving for transfer back to hospitals.

For our private general patients, we offer a service covering house to house UK wide transfers, usually a relative moving areas to be nearer the family, discharges from hospitals and clinics to other areas, admissions to hospitals in other areas, if a transfer needed for any reason, contact us for discussion and advice.

For your journey advice and discussions, contact our control office on 01803 323618. You will speak to one of our managers (with some 40 years ambulance experience) who will assist you.

Queries (not bookings) can also be made via an email address :- Riviera.ambulance@amb.eclipse.co.uk.

Care while getting there

 John Bourne.  MCIM.  MIHM  FASI

Riviera Ambulance Service Ltd.